[Product Review] – The Haapaw Leash is The Leash for a Neighbourhood Stroll

Right when I got the email confirming I would be adopting Crowley back in October 2019, the first task I crossed off my list was finding a leash and collar. The adoption group I went with already informed me of a greyhound’s need to wear a martingale style collar versus a regular clip-on, but I wasn’t sure which leash to purchase. I didn’t find anything particular that I liked, but I knew a leash similar to a horse’s lead was more my preference. Amazon lead me directly to the leash I have been using daily for the last 6 months. 

The Haapaw 5ft Leash

The Haapaw 5FT leash as sold on Amazon.ca comes in a pair for $19.99CAD.

The Haapaw 5ft leash is an excellent daily leash for the price point, when bought off Amazon.ca in a pair. It features two cord widths based on your dog’s weight (in pounds). Here are some of the key features:

  • Comes in 5 colours with reflective threading throughout the cord
  • Two cord thicknesses
    • For a 0-20lbs dog the cord is 0.3″ thick
    • For a 21-110lbs dog the cord is 0.5″ thick
  • Foam handle with indents for a comfortable grip
    • Ring at the base of handle for clip-ons

The Amazon description reads, “The new Haapaw dog leash is inspired by many dog lovers’ suggestions. The concept is getting firm and comfortable grip without rope burn even when your dog pulls hardly [hard] with a perfect length that you dog has enough freedom, but everything under control. The rope should be durable and strong with reflective threads for safe walking in the dark.”

A Great Everyday Leash

I’ve found the leash is very lightweight to hold for long hikes (some weekends we’re out for over 2 hours), and it doesn’t interfere as Crowley is walking or jogging beside me. The foam handle can be held or put over the wrist – either position is comfortable. I don’t use the clip for poop bags, but it’s incredibly handy to use as a clip holder when I hang the leash up. I can also hold and grip the 0.5″ cord in my very small hands.

Over the 6 months I have used the leash neither the cord, foam handle, or plastic has shown any signs of wear and tear. Crowley has walked through grass, bushes, mud, and ponds with this leash and it doesn’t show. What does show is the reflective threading around the leash – it’s very bright (and helpful) at night when you’re walking through a crosswalk. There are also additional colours to choose from!

Handsome Mr. Crowley in his Shedrow K9 coat and Haapaws leash with a harness.

Ordering two leashes is also very handy at $20CAD. I keep a backpack on me while walking my dog and the second leash that came with the order sits inside. I would strongly recommend keeping a second leash either in the house or in your car in case something does happen to the first. With these leashes already coming in a bundle, you can rest assured you always have a backup leash.

Lastly, the plastic portions on the leash aren’t bulky or distracting, and surprisingly strong. I managed to step on it and it came apart in two pieces that easily clipped back together.

What Could Improve

Unfortunately, the plastic pieces I mentioned earlier are still on the flimsier, cheaper side when it comes to hardware. With the position of the plastic buckle near the clip end, I also find using the leash with a harness is best as to not hit the front legs as the dog puts their head down to sniff. The black paint on the clip is chipping off, but I expected this and it is a minor cosmetic flaw. Black shows the accumulated dirt very well, and I haven’t found the leash easy to clean with soap and water, or baby wipes. The foam handle is easy to wipe down, however, with a baby wipe.

Another Shedrow K9 coat that Crowley models so well. Oh, there’s the Haapaw leash on a collar as well!

When we walk through conservation areas and parks I do find the length of this leash is hindering. Everything to sniff means that Crowley prefers to have a bit more freedom. That being said, on sidewalks or near roadways the length of this leash is ideal for reducing the chance of your dog walking onto the road.

Finally, my dog is not a heavy puller, so the leash may show more wear sooner if your dog is the opposite. With the strength and durability of this cord, however, I would argue this leash would withstand a heavy pulling dog.

Final Thoughts

When you consider how often you’ll need to use a leash with your dog, it makes sense to try and find one that is comfortable for you and your dog. The Haapaw leashes on Amazon make a great bundle for the price point if you have a dog that needs a heavy duty leash, or you’re just looking for a shorter leash that’s also comfortable in your hand.

I find the 5ft cord best suited for strolling in neighbourhoods or narrow pathways, but it makes a great leash for general use day or night with the reflective threading throughout.

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