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RAW Protein Part I: Protein Structure and Amino Acids

Protein has been established as one of the most significant subjects to include when discussing nutrition and health. Any fitness professional will suggest tracking protein type and intake, and the pet owners are starting to do the same for their animals. For those feeding… Continue Reading “RAW Protein Part I: Protein Structure and Amino Acids”

Are the Ingredients in Joint Supplements Effective for Your Dog?

Crowley has mild arthritis in his right front carpal joints (as diagnosed by his current vet). He’s only four, but as a retired racer his racing career did cause some damage as his other scars show. I want to keep him moving with me… Continue Reading “Are the Ingredients in Joint Supplements Effective for Your Dog?”

Understanding Dietary Fiber for Your Canine

Tracking carbohydrates is common among people that consider themselves healthy eaters, but it may benefit to watch the intake of fibre for your dog too. Often ignored, dietary fibre can be a key factor in your dog’s gastrointestinal health. Whether you feed a raw… Continue Reading “Understanding Dietary Fiber for Your Canine”

Incorporating Omega-3s in Your Pet’s Diet

Healthy eating is not just for people anymore – the supplement market has stretched into the pet industry too. While many pet diets, including raw and kibble, meet your dog’s or cat’s minimum dietary requirements there is a supplement that most will benefit from… Continue Reading “Incorporating Omega-3s in Your Pet’s Diet”

Fats: Including the Right Balance.

When I decided that I was adopting a greyhound I dove straight into the world of raw feeding. Personally, having celiac disease meant most kibble brands were off the table, and I didn’t want to try lots of grain-free foods when I have the… Continue Reading “Fats: Including the Right Balance.”